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Kagome Higurashi is not only raped in her ass – she is raped in her by the biggest cock she has ever seen!

Inuyasha Porn Pics

Internationally recognized InuYasha characters make but another appearance with the new sex adventures in this blog fuck report. Kagome Higurashi Naughty babe from comic and craves to take on this heaviest fuck load of all her previous experience . InuYasha sex bitches love getting dirty about one another to present the best fuck session than you could ever dream of! ;)

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Kagome gets triple teamed and raped in all of her holes by undead soilders!

InuYasha Hentai

InuYasha Porn

Kagome Higurashi Porn

Kagome and Sango are both lying on a bed naked exhausted covered in hot steamy cum…
Inuyasha and a girl having some special to alone for some bonding time…
We go on with InuYasha uncontrolled episodes crammed full of all sorts of sex and a few hot three-way fuck episodes to go with the habitual fuck galore… teens are the best cock connoisseurs around at slamming their pussies down and on meaty schlongs making themselves and their fuckers enjoy the! By the way, isn’t it a InuYasha porn fucking there is here? ;)

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Horny tentacles get sucked on by hotties Kagome and Sango covered in cum. Two hot babes getting raped by tentacles and getting their giant tits fucked!

Inuyasha Forces Kagome To Have Sex

A few InuYasha characters are going naughty with lots of revealing scenes that just begin, no need to tell what happens next ;) Here whores will have to deal with some monstrous and stiffest cocks that will drill! A bitch from a famous InuYasha porn comic sandwiched between a couple of hard pussy-diggers that spray her pretty face with warm and sticky jizz ;)

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Big breasted Kagome likes a little tongue attention from Inuyasha every now and then…

InuYasha Porn

InuYasha Hentai

InuYasha Cartoon Sex

Look how Kagome gets bound and raped buy big purple tentacle demon!
Kagome masturbating and enjoying herself between one of her trips from Inuyasha’s world.
Those InuYasha heroes are way too frivolous with nudity and foreplay that is only to begin with, it’s not difficult to realize what happens next!. I have always wanted to see the and babes who crave for cocks 24/7 most of all! InuYasha porn naughty toon personages get their brains fucked out: you could never imagine them doing it excited and fuck-caving.

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Here is Kykio in all her natural beauty slowly stripping traditional Japanese clothing.

InuYasha Hentai

InuYasha Hentai

InuYasha Porn

InuYasha Hentai

InuYasha Hentai

Upon seeing this you may feel sorry for Songo. But upon noticing the throbing in your manhood you cant help but imagine things youd do to her
Sango being raped by Miroku!
Hot bitch Sango from “Inuyasha” posing for her seasonal photoshoot. She is so nice yet oh so naughty in her hot ass aparrel!
This is a must-see for any fan od “Inuyasha” into naugty hardcore sex
Ubiquitously celebrated InuYasha personages return once again with some new raunchy pastimes in this blog fuck report ;) This very unusual episode of frenzy where the hottest characters from this cartoon after get engaged into tit-bouncing and cum-drenched pastimes ;) Here is an episode of totally frenzied dissollute InuYasha porn that are digging into an unfledged toon maiden one hottie and one nottie!.

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Hentai with Inuyasha: Moonlight by Leloi (Part 2 of heat)

He loved the moonlight. He would never admit it out loud, but he loved the soft silvery glow of moonlight. He loved the way it made it easier to see at night. He glanced down at the one below him. She was oblivious to the moonlight, caught in her own dream world. He envied her. He kept a silent vigil instead of letting sleep take him.

He watched her in the moonlight, her skin silvery blue from the faint light. She sighed and rolled over, obscuring her face with a tendril of hair. He sighed and settled back on his tree branch perch, letting his eyes rest on her form. No one lay beside her. Usually she snuggled against the little boy demon, but not tonight. The entourage of jewel seekers had broken up for the night. He and Kagome were left alone for the first time since… since that night… the night of the bloodsucker.

He closed his eyes and held his breath. The night had been both fantastic and grotesque. He almost lost her, but he didn’t. He had held her close and… been one with her. She accepted him as mate now, but they never had an opportunity to do anything about it without interruption. “What about now?” a little voice in his head asked him.

He opened his eyes and stared at her sleeping form. “I’m not in my cycle now,” he told himself.

“Does it matter? Part of you is human. Human males don’t cycle, females do.”

“But, she’s not cycling…” he scowled at his thoughts.

“Does it matter?”

“No,” he said aloud without intending to. He covered his mouth with his hands and watched as she rolled over and sighed in sleep. Continue reading

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